We’ll tell you a very interesting story about mobile marketing!

We’ll tell you a very interesting story about mobile marketing!

Let’s start with a little backstory…

Once upon a time there were cell phones and users’ desire to have catchy ringtones and pictures of cool cars & cute cats (or something hotter 😏).

So, at the dawn of the 2000s, sms subscriptions already appeared.

“Download a cool ringtone! Send an SMS to 6666 and get Britney Spears on your cell phone!”

Then, in about 2003, the commercial bulk SMS sending began. While there were no restrictions, and there was a boom in the purchase of mobile devices, it became clear — the future was behind it one way or another.

Things became different over the years, when the “Code of Recommendations for Mobile Marketing Promotions” appeared.

But time passed: smartphones, iPhones, QR codes, social networks, messengers were invented, the Internet was becoming available to everyone (even on “mobiles” 😱).


By 2014, mobile users outnumbered PC owners.

From there begins the most diverse part of this story in mobile marketing…


People sit on the internet for about 7 hours a day, Carl!

And 50% wake up and immediately pick up their smartphone.


91% of adult users keep their mobile in an area where they can reach it with their hand at all times.

That’s even more personalized than our loved ones 💔

Instant Action.

The user can be reached in so many ways besides by carrier pigeon: call, sms, email, push-notifications, social media/messengers.

Easy shopping.

40% of online purchases are made from a smartphone. You and I are increasing this trend 😈.


A person may not have a computer, but 90% of the people on the planet have a phone.

That’s why, for the last 5 years, our main hero is… mobile traffic!

Why is it so special?

• It’s addictive, people are addicted to it, and want more (you can always carry a cell phone with you, and people can’t give up a smartphone anymore).

• It’s hard to stop (AdBlock and other ad blockers in browsers on phones are virtually non-existent).

• Can’t be overshadowed (mobile ads take up 50-90% of a user’s screen, which reduces banner blindness).

• Can be in multiple places at once (phones, tablets, smart watches, etc.).

• Dominant, dominate, humiliate (if you want to finish this post, you’ll want to follow the link…😏).

Where can you find mobile traffic?

Social networks | ad networks | searchers | push-notifications | In-app | SMS | teaser networks | messengers | traffic exchanges.

And if you look carefully, we can find the top advertising formats in In-app: rewarded video, banner, rich interstitial, video interstitial, playable ads.

Is it possible to buy mobile traffic? Yes. Where? In advertising networks. How? There are variants of payment models👇

CPA: cost per action.

CPC: cost per click.

CPI: cost per install (more used in apps or software).

CPM: cost is charged per 1 thousand impressions (more applicable to banners).

CPV: cost is per view on the landing page.

What about offers?

They are divided into two categories: mobile applications for iOS/Android and mobile subscriptions, when the payment for the service (most often the supply of some content) is deducted from the mobile operator’s account.

For applications, it can be:

– vpn

– cleaners

– extensions

For mobile subscriptions:

– WAP click

– PIN Submit

– MO / MT click2call.

At the end of this long story, mobile CPA affiliate networks appear, just as necessary and important as our main character!

Just like in “regular” CPA business, mobile CPA networks play an important role in finding and supporting advertisers and partners and organizing their work in such a way, that everything is transparent and profitable for both sides 🙌

As you can see, we have a strong mobile traffic expertise 😎

✔️ Great range of WW mobile offers.

✔️ Our managers will always suggest the latest trends, help with prelandings, creatives and technical part.

✔️ We will provide real-time statistics, necessary spy tools and bots, as well as the ability to create exclusive turnkey landings.

All so that your story with mobile traffic was a happy ending!

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