Conferences and their importance: exemplified by Affiliate World Asia conference.

Conferences and their importance: exemplified by Affiliate World Asia conference.

In the affiliate world, there is only talk about the upcoming conference in Bangkok, about how great it is and how many perspectives it will bring for business development. It’s the top conference of the trio of Affiliate World Conferences.

Affiliate World Asia is the biggest Digital Marketing inspiration you’ll ever come across. More than 4,500 top marketing professionals from around the world come to expand networking opportunities and, above all, gain key insights to increase profits.

Communication with industry leaders, expanding borders, new contacts, productive networking, noisy parties and quiet chamber meetings in the lobby to discuss new ideas.

Inspiration – growth – profit… The list could go on and on. The level and scale of the conference talk about itself and do not require additional odes.

Today we decided to speak with the Affiliate Dragons team to find out what conferences mean to them, the Dragons.

What was your first conference, and what were your impressions of it?


СЕО Affiliate Dragons (Our Mother of Dragons)

 My first conference was in Berlin – Affiliate World Europe. I was a beginner in the industry at that time and to be honest, it was a little scary. The fear was due to lack of confidence, and the lack of confidence was due to lack of experience in attending such large conferences.

In general, like in Exupery – a vicious cycle.

But in our industry are the smartest, most active and talented people, and the excitement of meeting and communicating with them takes priority over the contrived fear.

Then there were many more conferences in different countries, but I remember the MAC conference in Kyiv. The company trusted me to set up a booth of my own choosing. We prepared some great merch with the team, but the biggest queue at the booth was for our Lviv Сherry liquor. After that I saw a lot of companies ordered it for their booths.

In conclusion, I would like to recommend to attend conferences, expand your network of contacts and be inspired by new ideas. See you in Bangkok 😘 ❞


Business Development Manager and wordsmith from time to time

❝ My first conference was DVOMA in Kyiv. We didn’t have a company, a logo or a name at that time – all we had was the idea of a mega-cool affiliate network and a team with which we could go through thick and thin.  We made business cards on the knee and cardboard in the literal sense and went to make new contacts and acquaintances, and partly to sell air. It was a little exciting, unfamiliar – but at the same time it was a great experience and a memory that will stay for a long time.

P.S. And then it happened, just like on this business card 

Why do you think it is important for companies to attend such conferences?


Account Manager. Shaman of reports and enters of offers

Attending such conferences is a great opportunity to make yourself known and be featured in articles and photos from the conference. Make a lot of acquaintances with potential partners, and learn about something exclusive that competitors are not yet using. In addition, such conferences involve the sharing of experiences while discussing various topics. People gather to show their best side, promote their company, attract customers or find employees.


Business Development Manager, communication and contracts guru

Affiliate conferences are important for all affiliate marketers because this is the only time we can meet our partners, both new and old, in person.

Since most of the nature of our business are working online, by attending to these events, this will improve our presence in the business.

This will make us as an affiliate marketer or a company more reliable and trusted to everyone involved.

Tips for managers to attend the conference


Head of Media Acquisition, a regular visitor of conferences and the life of the party.

  1. Decide who is your audience, who you’re more interested in — advertisers, networks, agencies, affiliates, media buying teams, gateways.
  2. Analyze the list of participants and process it.
  3. Let your audience know, on social media, where you’re going, when you’re going, what you’re looking for, and if you’re ready to meet.
  4. Gather a list of your most important contacts and make appointments.
  5. Discussing meeting locations and times, use meeting tools, for example, google calendar. Be sure to take a WhatsApp or Skype/Telegram contact to quickly find the person at the conference.
  6. Prepare a list of what you have to offer, your top products or types of traffic for which you are looking for offers.
  7. Allow yourself time for onboarding new contacts and networking.

3 reasons to attend the conference for the company, in your opinion


Account Manager and custodian of order in the tabs and on the platform.

  1. First and foremost — partners. In my opinion, offline meetings are very interesting and positive, strengthening friendships.
  2. Meeting new people in our industry. Each new acquaintance means new knowledge and new opportunities for the development of the company. The market is always on the move, so sharing experiences is invaluable.
  3. Personally for employees: movement is life. Does not let you sit still, brings a new wave of inspiration and motivation for productive work.

Definitely, everyone agreed that conferences, no matter what they are – it’s always about positive, networking, good for business and the soul and an unreal boost of energy.

Visit the conferences, develop, connect, and don’t get discouraged.

The world is wonderful, the Affiliate world is incredible.

And you can meet our fiery team in person very soon.

Where?Bangkok, Thailand

When?November 30 – December 1, 2022

Booth – B25 

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