Mobile operator market in Thailand: 2022

Mobile operator market in Thailand: 2022

The market for mobile carriers in Thailand is growing rapidly. GSMA Intelligence data shows that there were 95.6 million cellular mobile connections in Thailand at the beginning of 2022. This is 136.5% of the total population, which shows that at least a third of the population has two SIM cards each.
In one year, from 2021 to 2022, the number of mobile connections grew by 3.8 million (4.1%).

From 2020, 5G networks are available in the country, which in an auction were distributed between 2 major players, and left the third to refine LTE networks. And at the end of 2021 it was announced about the merger of the two major operators TrueMove H (market share 32.4%) and DTAC (market share 19.8%), which shook up the market and left the operator Advanced Info Service (AIS) with a market share of 44.5%, behind.
The combined operator, possibly named NewCo, will increase investment in the 5G market and increase network coverage, giving more users access to fast communications.
The  mobile carrier AIS has decided to attract the Z generation. The company is investing in advertising, reducing the price of plans and making the Internet more affordable for its users.
Consumer advocates and some members of the regulator are against the merger. In their opinion, the merger of companies would disadvantage consumers because of less competition in the market. But representatives of True and DTAC assure that they will improve the quality of communication and switch to advanced technology.

5G in Thailand is developing faster than 3G and LTE in its time. The speed and coverage graphs put the country on par with Singapore and Australia, and further development will only increase the country’s 5G signal coverage.
The active development of 5G, the merger of major operators and large-scale government support for the introduction of Internet technology make this a dynamic and fast-growing market. According to statistics, in 2021, 1 million Thais began using the Internet, and the total number of users at the beginning of 2022 has long crossed the mark of 54 million.

According to social media, they are used by up to 65% of the Thai population, namely:

  • Facebook – 50.05 million users.
  • Instagram – 18.50 million users.
  • YouTube – 42.80 million users.
  • TikTok – 35.80 million users.
  • LinkedIn – 3.30 million users.
  • Twitter – 11.45 million users.

Thais actively use the Internet, use social networks and consume content. And, of course, they actively buy.
According to statistics, 52% of purchases are made by mobile device, which makes it an obvious choice in favor of mobile traffic.

With the further development of coverage and the merger of the two giants, the segment of the population that uses mobile Internet will grow. This is a big market that you can already start to monetize.

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