Mainstream SmartLink and Adult SmartLink.

Mainstream SmartLink and Adult SmartLink.

Some say that a Smartlink is some magic pill, capable of ridding the affiliate of the need to perform tons of work. Others are a bit more skeptical and choose to brush off such claims as wishful thinking. We’re here today to assess all the pros and cons and also talk about our own developments – Mainstream SmartLink and Adult SmartLink.

But first thing’s first, what is a Smartlink ?

Smartlink is a tool that automatically distributes narrowly-targeted traffic across different offers in order to maximize profits.

The Smartlink also deals with a number of other affiliate marketing tasks. You no longer need to pick offers for specific GEOs or operators, generate new bundle ideas, or conduct split tests – all that сфт be done by the algorithm and the built-in metrics.

Smartlink campaigns are utilized by:

👉🏻 Webmasters to monetize traffic and serve as an alternative to AdNetworks;

👉🏻 Ad network media buyers to monetize traffic at a single URL;

👉🏻 Media buyers for additional TrafficBack and leftover traffic monetization;

👉🏻 Affiliate programs to monetize relevant traffic at a single URL.

Smartlink general work model: 


Smartlink pros:

  • Bigger ad campaign profits — the algorithms pick out the best offers for your target audience on their own. However! It’s best to utilize this tool when the network has already compiled its BlackList. Think about it like driving a car: just because you have an autopilot, doesn’t mean you should overrely on it – maintain control over the situation and consider all the risks involved. 
  • Performance — automatic split tests within the system are conducted separately for each flow, with the best one being selected by utilizing the minimum necessary volume of traffic. This enables the algorithm to perform the majority of your tasks, while you reap the benefits.
  • Minimizing labor costs — just imagine it: the webmaster no longer needs to look through dozens of offers to pick one out for a specific GEO or OS and engage in a never-ending monitoring of catalogs in search of suitable offers.

What do we know about the stereotypes surrounding existing Smartlinks?

  • The bundles are set up manually by managers;
  • Offers are set for an entire GEO;
  • Traffic with different characteristics is driven to the same offer.

Time to dispel all these SmartLink myths. After all, the Dragons have created two truly powerful smart dragos!

Introducing – Mainstream and Adult SmartLinks 

These two bad boys are AI-based, capable of self-learning and to tailor to each partner’s traffic on an individual case basis.

Mainstream and Adult SmartLinks are the best solution out there when it comes to: 

👉🏻 White page target traffic;

👉🏻 Additional Landers/PreLanders monetization;

👉🏻 Monetizing any sort of mixed traffic.

Specifically for initial targeting, we’re ready to show our partners the list of GEOs that convert via SmartLink.

+ we indicate an estimated CPM (average income per 1,000 clicks) for each tested GEO

Feed your traffic to our Dragos and they’ll be happy to share their gold with you💰

Register on our website and choose your Smartlink:

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